nice and sturdy ikea tv unit

cant find the reference and it seems it's not sold anymore. kind of remember it was around like 150 bucks. solid so can take any big tube tv. really nice and goes very well with all furniture, only $59.99

ikea kitchen set of shelves and hangers (GRUNDTAL)

super nice set (GRUNDTAL) includes: one long rail (47''); two small rails (20''); spice rack; wall rack/ dish drainer; kitchen roll holder for 3 rolls; chopping board (not shown); 3 sets of 5 s-hooks. everything new sells for over 90 bucks, you can buy the entire set here for only $49.99

hp deskjet printer, model 3845

working perfectly, never had problems, just $19.99

jasper johns map (1961) moma poster

with foam board. it's really big, 48 inches tall by 68 inches wide, so one needs a truck i guess. it fills a room very nicely. sold in a tube at the moma store for 50 bucks, here set up already for only $29.99.

T-Fal ultraguide diffusion iron

with auto-off button and vertical steam, blue. barely used, probably 50 shirts total. with complimentary ironing board, just $19.99

bissell cleanview II bagless vacuum cleaner

less than two year usage, cleans really well. only $39.99

hamilton beach 2 slice bagel toaster

super nice stainless steel finish, working perfectly. model #:22559 only $14.99

george w. bush fridge magnets set

witty magnets for your fridge, just $2.99

2 ikea SMARR art prints with frame

out of print item. nowadays a collector's item. sells great on ebay, each only $9.99

sharp 1 bit digital audio system SD-EX101

another great design with vertical cd slot-in. cd player does not work sometimes. still, perfect for all your ipod playing, and with cable included. am/fm radio to listen the aggie game works, the remote too. 4 year usage, only $19.99

kinky friedman for governor yard poster

in perfect condition, extremely rare item going for only $19.99

ikea BENNO white wall shelves

perfect for cd and dvd storage, each holds up 80 plus. 46 inches long and 6'' height and depth. perfect condition, 4 count available, new on the website for 25 dollars, here going for just $9.99 each

nice real pine wood shelf

from lowes, 3 feet long and 5 inches deep. very nice for the outdoor wooden porch. installs easily and it was always inside. as new. just $7.99

cheapest ikea LAMPAN bedsite table lamp

still, one of their most successful designs. they sell it for 5 bucks, here it's only $2.99

semi tall ikea STAVE mirror

frame: medium brown; website price: $39.99, as new here going for only $19.99

cute us map

kids us map poster from really nice item, in perfect condition with still lots of "i was here" stickers available. the perfect gift for the youngest of the family, only $19.99

the smiths poster

24'' by 36'', minor damage, no shipping and handling, just $4.99

joy division poster

24'' by 36'', minor damage, no shipping and handling, just $4.99

ok computer poster

24'' by 36'', minor damage, no shipping and handling, just $4.99

Conair HC117B 17 Pc. Haircut Kit

sells on amazon for example. i got this one at HEB. the complete set in perfect condition and working. 60% off MSRP, only $7.99

good sized laudry basket

from walmart i guess. good sized, enough for 3 plus loads. 2 feet tall with linen lining, easy removable and washable, just $7.99

small ikea BRANAS box

it seems they dont make them this small anymore. 10' x 10', it's perfect for small stuff. works great in the bathroom counter. almost as new, just $3.99
(i have more with different sizes that go along with the bookcase)

ikea ALVINE rug

nice handwoven rug with craft-like feel. it's 2' 4'' by 6' 7'' and it's in perfectly good condition. i use it in the bathroom. only $3.99

super nice ikea IGGE shower curtains

perfectly clean (one year usage), with transparent curtain behind, rings included, only $3.99